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The Chambers Family

Chambers Family (Tori not pictured)We're traveling the world with our kids FULL TIME!

Follow us, The Chambers Family, as we chronicle our adventures of living on the road with our family. We sold or gave away all of our posessions (except a 5'x10' storage closet). Now all we have is a suitcase and a backpack each.

The kids will be world schooled, learning about the world and the people in it. We're blogging about our experiences and the places we visit.

This is a big change of life for us! Re-defining our priorities and changing our budget expectations has been a journey, but one we are glad to have taken!


Kimberley Ski Resort in British Columbia, Canada, held its 6th annual...

Have you ever been to visit a place that you've dreamed about and found it to be a let down? Well, Venice is everything we ever thought it would be. It is exactly as advertised!
The thing about Pompeii is its big, and well preserved. Ok the two things about Pompeii are its big, well preserved and was founded and built by Greeks, occupied by Romans and etc.
How can you go to Rome and not visit the Colosseum? This centuries old landmark is the tourist symbol of Rome.


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